The Freedom Writers Diary. Their story. Their words

The Freedom Writers Diary- o carte in care s-au adunat povestile de viata ale unor tineri elevi din California. Elevi "problema", fara nicio sansa de izbanda, care aud mai des zgomotul produs de arme decat clopotelul de la scoala. Elevi care traiesc intr-o lume in care culoarea pielii face diferenta si in care violenta, saracia, consumul de droguri si alcool, abuzurile de orice tip sunt elemente incluse in "meniul zilnic". Si, totusi, o profesoara tanara, fara experienta, vine si face o schimbare majora in vietile lor. Asul ei din maneca?! Increderea pe care le-o acorda. Cand nici macar tinerii nu mai credeau in ei, cineva le arata ca pot face orice isi propun.

“In the fifth grade, I had a teacher who always called me lazy in front of the hole class. She would always pick on me to read in front of the class. She knew I didn’t know how to read or spell very well and when I did read, I had to do it very slow. Everyone would laugh at me and call me stupid. I hated school. Ever since that year, I have never been able to read out loud because I am still afraid people will laugh at me and call me stupid.
I found out what my problem is. I’m dyslexic, which means I have a learning desorder. My brain sees things differently and words don’t look the way they do to others.” (p.23)
Cum sunt sanctionate astfel de comportamente, astfel de "metode de invatare" ale profesorilor avand in vedere consecintele negative care se rasfrang pe termen lung in viata elevului?

“So one day when Ms. Gruwell pointed out my 0.5 GPA, but said that I had potential, I felt guilty. Then before I left class, Ms. Gruwell told me something that would change my life forever. She told me she believed in me. I have never heard those words from anyone...especially a teacher.” (p.46)
Ce relevanta au notele daca nu se precizeaza ceea ce a gresit elevul si ceea ce poate imbunatati? Cum poate evolua elevul in astfel de conditii? 

“School...why bother going to school? What’s the use of going if I don’t have a place to live? When friends ask how my summer was, what am I going to say? I was evicted from my apartament? I don’t think so. I’m not going to tell a soul what happened. I knew everyone would be wearing new clothes, new shoes, and have new haircuts. Me? With outfits from least year, some old shoes, and no new haircut. I feel like it’s hopeless to try to feel good and make good grades. There’s no point to it.” (p.53)
De ce aspectul financiar poate fi decisiv in procesul de scolarizare al elevului?

“Unfortunately, the education system tends to dismiss kids based on their past and not on their potential.” (p.145)
De ce suntem preocupati de sanctionare si nu de motivare?

“On one essay test, my sociology teacher even told me that he didn’t expect me to do well anyway. When he told me this, I felt hopeless because I couldn’t prove him wrong, at least not yet.“(p.149)
Care este rolul unui profesor in sala de clasa?

(The Freedom Writers Diary. Their story. Their words. How a teacher and 150 teens used writing to change themselves and the world around them. With Erin Gruwell)

Ce inseamna, de fapt, sa fii profesor?

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